Useful Documents

Useful documents and links.

Download the authoritative document on the health effects of face mask wearing for the general public, both physiological and psychological, for adults and children. Authored by Graham F French, in partnership with the Awareness Foundation.

The following files are zipped pdf documents of the appendices to the Face Mask Report.

Documents utilised in the report are compressed into three separate sets for each appendix, for ease of download;

Appendix A – studies utilised in the report.

Chapters 1 to 3 – PDF Documents

Chapter 4 – PDF Documents

Chapters 5 to 6 – PDF Documents

Appendix B – further reading.

Set 1 – PDF Documents

Set 2 – PDF Documents

Set 3 – PDF Documents

The Awareness Foundation Telegram Channel – here

The Awareness Foundation Website – here


Other useful links and documents;

Link to the important website of the, saving the native British honey bee!!

Download the mask judgement from German Weimar court – here

Download the Agenda 2030 Communist Utopia Doc – UK Gov – here

Download the Absolute Zero document – Cambridge University – UK Gov – here

Download the SPI-M-O: Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions – here

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