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Design and implementation of digital, tech troubleshooter, with a good measure creative flair thrown in for good measure. This is the home of GrahamFrench247 media. Creation of video and content for vlogging, advertising, videos and documentaries.


In a connected world, you need a media organisation that understands the technological landscape. Twenty-five years of working at the cutting edge, and sometimes the bleeding edge, of the world of technology can give you a lot of insights into the potential of the future evolution of technology.

in the corporate world, each generation of technology lasts about five years. Most improvements are incremental, a year on year advancement, a steady and methodical improvement. However, every now and then, there’s a big leap forward. The iPhone, Solid State Disks and fingerprint recognition. 


Digital content can mean many things, Video is ubiquitous and almost everyone carries a video camera in their pocket, most are able to deliver high quality video and audio, some of it good enough to make it to the silver screen. 

However, there is a difference between most who are capable of creating content and those that are the true artists and professionals.