This document is a report that looks to the health effects of mask wearing in general and the health effects on children in particular. 

The contents of this report are from extensive Open Source Intelligence (OSInt) only, using a multi-factor methodology for collecting, aggregating, analysing, and utilising publicly available sources. The author has relied exclusively on published data, medical publications, meta-studies, hypotheses, random control trials and opinion pieces by clinicians, dentists, researchers and physicians/surgeons and many other professionals of both medical and non-medically trained backgrounds for this document. 

All sources used in this report are catalogued in Appendix A “List of content utilised in this report.” There is further reading available on data and information not used in this report, catalogued in Appendix B “List of content not utilised in this report”. Although both lists contain a substantial amount of data for subsequent perusal, this constitutes around 20% of the information viewed by the author. The amount of freely available information on the health effects of masks is almost overwhelming. 

This same information has been available to the governments and decision makers around the world. Some advised that the wearing of face masks was not initially required, only to reverse that decision further down the line. This then raises the question, did they advise/mandate the public wear face masks as they were unaware of the negative health effects on the wearer. Or, did they knowingly do so, because they were fully aware of both the short and long-term health effects? 

There are innumerable instances of conflicting advice and mandates regarding the wearing of face masks. From government and governmental agencies to TV doctor personalities to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and unqualified journalists  offering advice that the wearing of masks is required in order to protect either the wearer, the general public or both.

There are a host of both individuals and organisations that argue the opposite, mask wearing is a health risk, offers little to no protection to either the wearer or the general public and that they are also detrimental to the normal and healthy development of children.

The author of this document has viewed over 200 individual reports, medical studies, meta-analysis , hypotheses, and opinion pieces. Most of which are not included in this report. This report documents the results of dedicated work of many hundreds of medical and other professionals, that have combined training, research and experience that total many hundreds of years.  

Please note that sections of this document have been lifted and copied into the text of this report, sometimes verbatim. Therefore, some parts of the narrative and phraseology may not flow or pace as expected. This is because, in essence, this report is a combination of multiple authors, in some sections. 

The author would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication to the subject at hand and for allowing the public access to that knowledge. The reader may want to explore this topic further, to that end, Appendix B contains links to other interesting publications (in the authors’ opinion) not utilised here.

The author assumes that the reader has little to no medical knowledge and therefore explanations on medical phraseology will be included within the text where deemed appropriate.

All information used in this report has been acknowledged by the author and all copyrighted materials are utilised under the fair use doctrine, under common law. The links to the full documents are available in Appendix A. The contents of an email received by the author, from the UK Government, regarding a petition on the banning of face mask wearing in schools, is in Appendix C.



The purpose of this document is to provide the reader with evidence on the health effects of wearing face mask of the public in general and of children in particular. This document will show the results of the research into the published clinical reports and opinions of clinicians and others regarding this issue.

This document will not show the conflicting advice from differing parties, it will also not highlight the change in advice over time. The author will also not speculate on the reasons for the change in advice, only acknowledge that it has occurred and that some of the persons/organisations have publicly changed their advice over time

This report may be used in full, or in part, howsoever the reader wishes. This may be used in other documents, reports, or legal briefs as deemed necessary. We only request that attribution is given to the author and The Awareness Foundation for those parts used. If this report, or parts therein, are to be utilised by an organisation, corporate body or government department, then we insist that the author and The Awareness Foundation is given full attribution on each and every use of the details contained within this document.

    1. Scope

The scope of this document is to report on the now almost ubiquitous wearing of face masks in the general population of many countries and provinces around the world, and its effect on human health in the short, medium and long-term. Anything else related to face masks, the mandated wearing of them or governmental policies regarding face masks or personal protective equipment, is outside the scope of this document.

    1. Assumptions and Dependencies

It is assumed that the reader of this document has little to no experience of medical terminology, and as such, the author of this document has provided explanatory text where deemed necessary. This report is only available in English at this time. It is assumed that the reader has sufficient comprehension of the English language,  in order to sufficiently understand the content.

    1. Responsibilities

The author is responsible for the creation of this report. The document owner, who is not always the author, is responsible for timely updates and published status of this document. The author takes no responsibility for the accuracy, publication status or integrity of the publishers, of the third-party documentation utilised in the creation of this report



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