Appendix B

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List of content not utilised in this report There are constraints within any report. The largest constraint in this instance is knowing when to stop the research. The amount of evidence/data/hypotheses and information on the negative effects of wearing a face mask is almost overwhelming. Therefore, although the following links to subject matter may have […]

Appendix A

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List of content utilised in this report. Only a fraction of the evidence/data/hypotheses and information on the health effects of wearing a face mask has been utilised in this report. The author has attempted to include the most relevant and complete information available at the time of this report’s publication. The content within this document […]

Face Mask Report – Executive Summary

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Executive Summary The executive summary is utilised to allow a time-deficient person to obtain the gist or précis of a document, within a page or two of text (slightly more in this report). The full text of this section is contained within the rest of this report. To that end, this executive summary is as […]

Face Mask Report – Introduction

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Introduction This document is a report that looks to the health effects of mask wearing in general and the health effects on children in particular.  The contents of this report are from extensive Open Source Intelligence (OSInt) only, using a multi-factor methodology for collecting, aggregating, analysing, and utilising publicly available sources. The author has relied exclusively on […]